Floyd Mayweather Speaks to Cops About Stephanie Moseley Murder: What Did He Witness?

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Floyd Mayweather sat down with the police this week to discuss what he saw or heard on Monday morning prior to Earl Hayes shooting and killing Stephanie Moseley.

The champion boxer was grilled by the authorities for two hours yesterday and confirmed what outlets had reported earlier in the week:

He was on FaceTime with Hayes (an artist previously signed to Mayweather’s label) when the rapper left the conversation… went into the bathroom… and fired multiple shots into Moseley.

Mayweather told officers that Hayes then returned to the phone and told his friend he was going to kill himself.

The athlete begged him not to do so, but his urging fell on deaf ears.

As for what the two pals talked about before the tragic murder-suicide, Mayweather denied reports that he mocked Hayes for Moseley’s alleged infidelity.

But Mayweather did acknowledge the two talked about that relationship and Hayes said he believed his wife had been cheating on him.

Detectives asked Floyd why Hayes called him so early in the morning (around 7 a.m.) and Mayweather replied it was because they were best friends and Hayes was trying to say goodbye.

Mayweather is not in any trouble with the law, as authorities are simply trying to figure out everything that took place on that fateful morning.

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