Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: That Escalated Quickly

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Last night on Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 2, Karen talked with Drita and Big Ang about her fight with Natalie and how that whole thing started on sosh-meet.

That's social media. We made that up, not them. Okay, moving on ...

Rather than being quashed, the beef escalated this week, and HARD.

Like, to the point that security had to get involved. It was out of hand.

If you thought this was the only point of contention this week? Wow.

You must not watch Mob Wives online. But you can start now!

Here's a little teaser for you newbies: In another story line, Renee was forced to confront her son about his completely reckless behavior and its consequences.

What sparked this intervention on her part? It's time to find out.

Follow the video above to check out Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 2 and previous installments of the hit reality TV show as well. You will not be let down.

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