Azealia Banks SLAMS Eminem on Twitter: You Beefed With Your Mom, Dude!

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Azealia Banks is basically making a career out of starting tweet beefs.

The Z-list emcee who's more famous for her online feuds than for her music has a long history of taking shots at the popular kids online, and last night she set her sights on another feud-happy rapper:

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"Who has Eminem really had rap beef with aside from female artists?" Banks tweeted earlier today.

"You beefed with Moby, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera...And then this n-gga calls himself the diss god? LOL"

We'd say Moby actually took the brunt of this one, as Banks apparently thinks he's a woman, but she followed that tweet up with a low blow that Em will likely deem worthy of a blistering response:

"You beefed with Your mom my dude..."

It's true that Em has said some unkind things about his mother over the years, but expressing your thoughts on your own difficult upbringing and starting a beef aren't exactly the same thing. 

Eminem apologized to his mom in a track that he released earlier this year, and he seems intent on patching up the relationship, which is all the more reason that we think he won't let Banks' obvious attempt at provocation slide.

If Em responds, this will be Azealia's third feud of the year (at least) and we're hoping this one will play out on wax instead of on Twitter.

Most recently, Banks slammed Iggy Azalea in a Twitter tirade with an uncomfortable racial slant.

Prior to that, she called TI's wife ugly, prompting the rapper to threaten her life.

Needless to say, if Eminem turns out to the one to finally respond to Banks' jabs in the form of a diss track, plenty of his fellow artists will be rooting for him.

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