Tori Spelling Explains Hospitalization: There Are Emotional Components ...

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Tori Spelling has openly admitted that she had to be hospitalized recently, but now she's delving into the real reason why (or why she claims) she checked in.

Was it a nervous breakdown, as widely reported? Yes ... and no.

Tori Spelling Hospitalized

During her appearance on Today to promote True Tori Season 2 Episode 5, she said she believes her illness was just a symptom of a bigger problem.

She started off by explaining that she began to get sick after her four children contracted pneumonia, and unfortunately, “it just hit me the hardest,” she said.

"At 41," Tori told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, "I’m realizing you can repress [emotions] for as long as you want, but they come out in certain ways.”

"There are emotional components, always."

The issues aren’t just with her cheating husband, Dean McDermott, with whom Spelling put on a united front despite rumors of their imminent split.

Tori and Dean are reportedly barely on speaking terms for a whole host of reasons, but when the topic of her mother, Candy Spelling, came up?

“We’ve talked to your mom on the show a number of times," noted Kotb.

"We talked about your relationship with her and healing it,”“In the hospital, did something happen that either solidified that or made it clear that there are boundaries?”

“Um… it’s not something I’m willing to get in to out of respect, but nothing happened in the hospital,” said Tori, declining to open up about something for once.

“So, you didn’t hear from her or anything?” pressed Hoda.

“No,” Tori said.


One person Tori is surprisingly willing to praise is McDermott, who “was by my side daily. He proved it. He was home taking care of four kids. He really stepped up."

"That was the big thing on the show this season. I was like, ‘Step up! Take care of the kids! You’ve been away. You’ve been dealing with yourself for so long. Come back to us.’"

"And he has - in a big way."

Nowadays, "the children are great and flourishing, and that’s what’s important,” Tori added. “Our everything are the kids and that’s what comes first."

"When it’s not about that anymore, then this all goes away.”​

What does she mean by "this" we wonder? Seeing as Dean quit the show in a public way earlier this month, we wonder if they're on the same page.

No idea, but you can watch True Tori online and see the most recent installments of this train wreck continue to unfold before your very eyes (at your own risk).

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