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On FX’s The League Season 6 Episode 10 last night, Taco’s friend gave Jenny cooking lessons, while Andre started wearing glasses, because obviously.

Watch The League Season 6 Episode 10 Online
Watch The League Season 6 Episode 10 Online

While not the funniest installment ever, The League Season 6 Episode 10 was certainly good for laughs throughout, thanks to both of these storylines.

Each of the characters had their own thing going on, most notably Andre wearing glasses and his determination to pretend to be suddenly near-blind.

Kevin tries to get him to admit he’s faking and we get a rare (these days) fantasy football reference in which they agree to set each other’s lineups.

Pete is dating a new girl who has seizures during sex, which obviously leads to him trying to induce her seizures. Because how awesome are they?!


Jenny must make chow mein for her daughter’s class after she’s been falsely passing off the Chinese takeout she orders as a home cooked meal.

Taco, who stashes weed in the dryer because he figures Jenny never uses it, gets someone he knows in the restaurant business to help her out of this jam.

Of course, he also finds a new stash for his weed with the spices – fits right in, after all – that she later uses to cook with Ellie’s class, getting the kids high.

Lee Wei Lee also returns, and fights Rafi. Not the biggest reason ever to watch The League online, but if you’re a fan of the show, it’s still worth a look.