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… there’s an awesome hour of television!

That’s what CW viewers were treated to on Arrow Season 3 Episode 5, as a fun/revealing/totally welcome installment of this drama turned its focus to Felicity Smoak.

We opened on a training montage (Olivia and Roy; Thea and Malcolm; Laurel and Ted) and then on Felicity brushing her teeth before getting a visit from Ray Palmer… along with her mother.

Welcome, Mama Smoak!

Watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 5 Online
Watch Arrow Season 3 Episode 5 Online

However, a city-wide power outage interrupts their minding time, thanks to some entity known as Brother Eye.

Why is Felicity familiar with it?


Because she realizes that she actually created the virus being used. It happened five years ago when Felicity says she tried to be a “hero” and help her then-boyfriend, Cooper, wipe out some people’s student loans. Cooper took the fall and ended up serving time behind bars.

Who is responsible for it now?

Felicity sorts through some parental issues with her mom (who laments there being nothing that resembles her in her daughter) and then figures out that her mother was tricked into visiting Starling City. It’s just at that moment that bad guys come in and kidnap the Smoaks.

Turns out, Cooper did NOT die in prison. His death was faked by the NSA because they wanted his skills for their own.

Cooper is now peeved at Felicity for working at a big corporation and forces her to hack the GPS of some armored cars. However, once Cooper leaves the room, Felicity is able to also put out an SOS to Team Arrow.

Oliver, Roy and Diggle swoop in to prevent the heist from taking place and Felicity wrestles the gun away from Cooper.

Later, Felicity tells Mama Smoak that there is some of her mother in her; it’s the toughness that she has come to rely on in recent years.


  • Oliver is disgusted by the expensive loft Thea has bought with money from Malcolm’s estate. But he later comes over for popcorn and a movie and is even invited by his sister to share the residence. We then see Malcolm watching from afar as the siblings bond.
  • After being appointed acting D.A. and making a bad call, Laurel opens up to Ted about the pain she feels over her sister’s “secret” death. He responds that he’ll now be able to train her properly.
  • In the final scene, a sleeping Roy is awoken by visions of Sara dying on that rooftop… at his hand.

No way are we buying that’s how it happened… are we?

Follow the prompts of the above video to watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic and check out the official teaser below for Arrow Season 3 Episode 6:

Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 Promo