29 Horrifying Baby Shower Cakes

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Flip through these photos and wonder along with us: what were the folks behind these baby shower cakes thinking?!?

1. This is how it works

This is how it works
You can't argue with the logic here.

2. So much sperm

So much sperm
Credit this dessert for at least having a constant theme.

3. A Bloody Baby Cake

A Bloody Baby Cake
If this doesn't make you look forward to having a baby... pretty much anything else will.

4. Push it out!

Push it out!
The Cat in the Hat will forever haunt our nightmares now.

5. A science lesson

A science lesson
Don't you wanna eat me? (NOTE: This question sounds far more dirty, based on the photo, than originally intended.)

6. From bump to dump

From bump to dump
This is the message all expecting mothers want to hear.

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