Iggy Azalea Yearbook Photo: Meet Amethyst Kelly!

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Have you ever heard of Amethyst Kelly? We're going to guess not, even if that lovely February birthstone stands out as something of an unusual first name.

No, you know her as the fabulous, talented, game-spitting, booty-licious Iggy Azalea!

Oh yes. Before she was a chart-topping rapper, check out I-G-G-Y as an adorable little teenager growing up in Australia, and prepare to have your mind blown ...

Even back in the day, young Amethyst had that look in her eyes, that ever-so-feisty expression that just proves she knew she was going to be a star.

Or not, but it sounds good now that we know she's accomplished that.

It may seem like another lifetime for them, but celebrity prom photos and celebrity yearbook photos serve as a reminder that even the biggest stars were once regular people.

Even Academy Award-winning global icons like Angelina Jolie, or amateur porn stars turned media moguls like Kim Kardashian, were once innocent unknowns.

Scroll through the above gallery to see those two and many more stars in their teenage years to look back on the impressionable boys and girls they were.

And for more on the woman Iggy Azalea became ... see below:

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