Taylor Swift Wins Throwback Thursday With AMAZING Cornrowed Yearbook Photo!

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All this week, Taylor Swift has been celebrating the success of her latest album and making the Internet a better place in the process.

Yesterday Taylor rapped a Kendrick Lamar song to celebrate 1989's record-breaking sales.

Today, she showed just how long she's been down with the streets when she posted what might be the ultimate Throwback Thursday photo:

Taylor Swift Yearbook Photo

"The last time an album sold as many copies as 1989 did first week, it was 2002," Taylor wrote with the awesome photo above.

"I was 12, and going through my "braids phase." #nofilternecessary"

By the way, the artist who set the pace back in 2002? Eminem - another genre-redefining blonde who's arguably too open about his personal life. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

But just because she's got the top-selling album of 2014 (by far!) don't expect Taylor to rest on her laurels.

She's already announced the ambitions 1989 World Tour, and seems like you can't turn on a TV without seeing Swifty promoting the album.

Early estimates have Taylor becoming the top-earning female entertainer of the year and she's only 24.

When you're that successful, you can post a photo of yourself in some truly tragic cornrows and still retain 100% of your swag.

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