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And the winner of the Internet this weekend is…


The child star became the latest celebrity to have his death prematurely reported on the Internet yesterday, with chatter going around that Culkin was found dead in his Manhattan apartment.

Fortunately, Culkin is alive and very well and responded to the hoax in a seriously hilarious manner: by going all Weekend at Bernie’s on us!

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Via the official Twitter account of his rock back (The Pizza Underground), Culkin is seen above making like the title character in the aforementioned comedy, which centers on a couple of friends pretending all weekend as if they’re friend Bernie is actually alive.


“Weekend at bernies with @anchovywarhol #greenroom,” the band’s handle captioned the picture of Culkin, jokingly playing dead in the arms of his bandmate.

Incredibly, yesterday marked the second time this year that Culkin was rumored to have passed away.

A couple years ago, meanwhile, The National Enquirer claimed Culkin was spending $6,000 per month on a heroin addiction. This allegation surfaced around the same time as photos of a very thin Culkin also appeared on the World Wide Web.

It’s unclear why folks like to spread lies about Culkin, though perhaps some are jealous that he’s seen Mila Kunis nude.

The two stars dated for many years prior to Kunis procreating with Ashton Kutcher.

Here’s a look, meanwhile, at the impressive company Culkin now keeps as someone famous once falsely presumed to be dead: