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Lindsay Lohan loves getting drunk in London, and several weeks into her overseas bender, she shows no signs of slowing down.

Last night, Lindsay went out partying with Sienna Miller and Kate Moss (who of course kept their distance when the paparazzi showed up), and well, we think these photos speak for themselves:

While Lindsay might be too broke to move to London, she’s apparently not too broke to get sloshed in the city’s many pubs. 

You’d think she’d know by now not to wear giant heels on days she’s knows she’ll be getting s–tfaced. Which is every day. Really, Linds, just throw out all your heels and maybe invest in a walker.

Yesterday, Lohan posted a gym selfie (as though you don’t see enough of their those in your Facebook feed) in an effort to convince everyone that she’s healthy and has her life back on track.

Then she went out and stumbled around downtown London.

It doesn’t work that way, Lindsay. If all it took was a visit to the gym and half a day of sobriety to get in shape, Val Kilmer wouldn’t look like he swallowed the guy who once played Batman.

Let us know when you string together like two or three booze-free days and maybe we’ll consider taking you seriously again. 

In the meantime, we’ll just continue to enjoy the Serpentine Cowgirl:

Lindsay Lohan Drunk Dance Video