50 Cent Shills For New Vodka Brand, Likens Diddy Competitor to EFFEN Large Women

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50 Cent is under fire for a controversial photo he posted on Instagram in which he likened Diddy's competing vodka line to getting busy with overweight women.

Yes, you read that all correctly. Allow us to explain ...

Diddy Grinding
Fifty Cent's Picture

Mr. Cent, in case you didn't know which brand not to buy, endorsing EFFEN Vodka because that's what he does these days instead of making music anyone cares about.

What he also enjoys doing is throwing shade on social media (again, partly due to the lack of relevant music as an alternative platform), so this combines his two pastimes.

Apparently, 50 decided that the best way to promote his liquor of choice was to go after some of the top competition, i.e. Diddy and his prized vodka brand Ciroc.

The only problem? Offending A LOT of people.

Posting a vintage photo of Diddy grinding up against a large woman at a club along with a pun that plugged his brand, Fifty did more harm than good here.

Class act that he is, Fifty apologized and promised to be more sensitive going forward. Just kidding! He pulled the photo and pretended it never happened.

Way to take a cheap shot and then fold, sucka.

It's not clear how the vodka line is selling compared to Ciroc, but if 50 Cent was trying to prove he's an EFFEN loser these days, then mission accomplished.

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