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Lindsay Lohan has been in Europe for several months now, and while the troubled actress claims she’s overseas to escape bad influences, some friends believe she fled LA so that she could party as much as she wants with less media scrutiny.

Sources say Lindsay cut ties with her sober friends back in July, and since then, her former support group has been forced to watch helplessly as reports of Lindsay’s bad behavior overseas continue to make international news.

Lohan’s “sober circle” reached out to her following reports that she was falling down drunk at an Italian film festival, and several other times since, only to be roundly ignored each time.

“Some of these people have been friends with her for more than a decade,” an insider says. “There’s nothing anyone can do until she answers.”

In the meantime, friends are left to worry and analyze Lindsay’s behavior from afar:

“The sad part is, there is nothing anyone back home can do and we are all worried for her,” says the source. “She’s pulled a geographic thinking that it would help her and all it’s done is put her sobriety in jeopardy.”

“Pulling a geographic” is a 12-step program term for physically relocating in an effort to escape addiction. Experts say it’s rarely effective, and in cases such as Lindsay’s, it can have disastrous consequences.