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Jimmy Pope, a man cleaning his apartment shirtless and dancing to an ‘80s pop classic, has become a viral sensation, seeing as … well, he’s him, and doing that.

A video of Pope, cleverly entitled “Cleaning Dancing Roommate,” uploaded to YouTube on Thursday. It’s been watched nearly 4.5 million times. See why:

Shirtless Guy Dancing, Cleaning Apartment

In the 30-second clip, the shirtless (and undeniably attractive) man in his underwear, gets down to Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train” while doing household chores.

He eventually notices he’s been filmed, drops his Swiffer, and exclaims with a combination of embarrassment and amusement, “S–t! Are you kidding me?”

Swiffer dance maniac Jimmy Pope is from Baltimore, Maryland.

He’s an after-school volunteer at Guardian Dance, though his abs do not work in the business full-time. By day, he’s an Industrial Operations Analyst.

Good looks and smarts, to boot? Talk about the whole package.


Pope clearly wasn’t looking to be famous when he showed off his dance moves to that skeleton, but has since embraced the attention, tweeting about it.

“Hey Mom! Stick with Facebook," he joked at his expense.

"Don’t go on Reddit or Youtube to read the comments hahahaha #jimmythepope #ifeelpretty #willworkforpants,” he added, and it could be much worse.

He could go viral for being one of these people …