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Jimmy Kimmel Live put on quite the episode last night.

First, he released the eighth version of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets about themselves, with Britney Spears and Gwyneth Paltrow among those facing the online hate.

Then, he posed for the cutest selfie ever along with the boys of One Direction.

Kimmel also found time to have some fun with the Kim Kardashian nude Paper Magazine cover, using it as a … snowblower?!?

Kim Kardashian: Naked and Snowblowing!

As you can see in the above video, this cutout wasn’t exactly the most effective snowblower of all-time.


But it was probably the most creative, while it also allowed us to put the word "blow" in the same sentence as "Kim Kardashian nude" without coming across as too dirty.

So that was nice.

Here’s a look at many other times/ways Jimmy Kimmel Live has made us laugh: