Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves: Britney, Gwyneth and More!

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A new batch of stars proved themselves to be very good sports on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

For the eighth time, the talk show host convinced a number of A-Listers to accept the online hate, gathering them backstage to read mean Tweets about themselves in one of the funniest segments on television.

There was Lena Dunham, for example, taking note of her “dog nose” like boobs. And there was Gerard Butler, responding to his “sh-t” films.

There was also Britney Spears laughing over being called a "tired hag" and, wow, even Gwyneth Paltrow proved that she can be self-deprecating. 

Who knew?!?

Does Ty Burrell really look like Jon Hamm on crack? How did Chloe Moretz respond to the guy who compared her to his asshole? And who hates Scott Foley?!?

Check out the above video to see John Stamos show off his belly button (it will make sense, trust us) and then compare the latest edition of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets to past versions here.

It's true: even George Clooney isn't immune to the vitriol...

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