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As Jerry Seinfeld once mused, there’s good naked and there’s bad naked.

Similarly, there’s also good Twerking and bad Twerking.

A turtle Twerking in a bathtub? Good. A beautiful young woman making $100,000 per year for Twerking? Very good (for her).

On the flipside, a girl literally crapping her pants while shaking her rear end on camera? Bad Twerking. Horrible Twerking. The worst kind of Twerking we can ever imagine.

Watch the following footage at your own risk in order to see this accident actually transpire:

Crappiest. Twerking. EVER.

Please, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and company. Please tell us this incident puts an end to Twerking forever.


And if somehow does not, please view the videos we’ve compiled below as further evidence that this dancing trend has simply done too far.

It’s grown very troubling.