16 Random, Disturbing Twerking Videos

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Go regular folks, go regular folks, go! Watch them Twerk here.

1. Grandma Twerking on Car

This video of a grandma Twerking on the hood of a car is guaranteed to turn you on. To medication.

2. Woman Twerks Into Child

WARNING: Twerking can be dangerous to those around you. Especially when those are very small children.

3. Twerking World Record

Over 350 twerkers descended on Herald Square in New York City to set the world Twerking record for the new gyrating craze.

4. Twerking Fail: The Best-Worst Twerk Video Ever

This Twerking video is an all-timer. Watch as this girl's attempt to shake that THANG goes terribly, hilariously wrong.

5. Kids Twerking!

Yes, even babies can Twerk. Watch some young ones show off some seriously impressive moves in this video.

6. Grandmothers Twerking!

The grandmothers known as the Golden Sisters totally Twerk out in this video. It's rather amazing.

7. Twerking To Classical Part 2: Men at Twerk

Twerking To Classical Part 2: High Class Male Makeover is what you think it is. Twerking. Just with guys. To Classical.

8. Twerking To Classical Music

This video entitled "Twerking To Classical Music" really needs no more introduction. It is as advertised.

9. Scripps Ranch Twerk Team Video

San Diego's Scripps Ranch H.S. has a twerk team. We imagine it's unofficial ... but they've got skillz!

10. Father Twerks with Daughter

Coolest father ever? Watch how this man reacts to a return from work upon seeing his daughter.

11. Woman Twerks on Giant Beer Gut

You've heard of a lap dance? Check out this REALLY disturbing lap band dance.

12. Girl Twerks on Man's GIANT Belly

That one was worth another angle.

13. Twerk

This white girl shows us how to twerk. Turned on? Disgusted? You tell us.

14. Twerking for Kids

What makes this the most disturbing Twerking video we've ever seen? Take a look at the ages of most audience members.

15. Crappiest. Twerking. EVER.

WARNING: This video features a girl Twerking and literally crapping her pants. Consider yourself warned. Watch at your own risk.

16. Twerking Girl Falls Out of Car

This young girl is Twerking while sticking her body out of the passenger door of a car. Can you guess what happens next?

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