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The race will officially begin on The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 8.

Correction: the three-way race will officially begin on The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 8, as David Hyde Pierce debuted on this CBS drama last night as Frank Prady.

The now-former talk show host has throw his hat beard into the face for State’s Attorney, with both Eli and Elfman believing he’ll pose quite the challenging for for Alicia.

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Next Sunday, viewers can look forward to Alicia going up against a returning Louis Canning in a college rape case, one that moves from a university hearing to civil court.


Elsewhere, Eli and Elfman will conduct a political focus group as Alicia dives deeper into her campaign. And, if the above promo is any indication, as she makes at least one faux pas.

Did you catch The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 7?

The strong installment introduced many more legal problems for Cary, along with a new personal attorney for Peter.

You can follow the prompts of the following video to watch The Good Wife online and relive this very solid hour of television.

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