Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 6 Recap: Rocky Road to Redemption

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On Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 6, the women continued to seek Redemption, but as you know if you watch Bad Girls Club online, that's an uphill battle.

The screen capture seen below sums it up well, we would say ...

You'll have to watch to see the real deal, but wow. Just ... wow.

To the surprise of no one, Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 6 proved this like never before, as the cast feuded, bickered, fought and beefed all night.

You could say it was a Rocky night ... see what we did there?

Yes, the hour on Oxygen featured bedlam and chaos galore, as fights erupted in the house following a clash of the titans between a fired up Rocky and Sarah.

This confrontation caused Judi to further lose her grip on reality, which you're quite familiar with seeing if you're a regular viewer, and is a little bit sad.

That doesn't mean it's not entertaining, however.

Follow the link above to see this week's shenanigans for yourself, and weigh in on whether you think redemption is even remotely possible for these women.

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