Amanda Bynes: Still Roaming Around L.A., Eating a Lot of Watermelon

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Amanda Bynes is still on the loose and doing her thing after being released from a psychiatric facility, and she apparently has a thing for watermelon.

The troubled actress proved to be quite the creature of habit as she made her third visit to Mel's Diner in West Hollywood, Calif., in as many days.

"She was very quiet and timid," a source told E! News when describing the star's demeanor this weekend. "She was trying to avoid being photographed."

During her visit that lasted a "couple of hours," Bynes was joined by a male friend. She "wasn't doing anything too distracting to the other customers."

"She only ate watermelon," the insider added.

Bynes' latest visit to her favorite diner comes as the 28-year-old actress remains under a temporary conservatorship that was reinstated last week.

For what that's worth.

The order gives her mom Lynn Bynes control once again over her finances and medical decisions until a future hearing set for February 24, 2015.

Amanda was shot down in her attempt to end the conservatorship Friday, but she apparently has access to money and her parents cannot control her.

The conservatorship is more or less moot at the moment as friends and family fear the worst in a desperate situation that took a surprising turn last week.

Before Bynes was released from a psychiatric facility at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, Calif., last week, she had been there since October 10.

So how was she possibly let out of the institution?

Mina Sirkin, an estate, probate and trust attorney in Los Angeles, mental health patients have "a right to say why she should not be in an involuntary hold."

"She has the right to have her own expert psychiatrist testify as to why she should not be held against her wishes," Sirkin, who is not involved with the case, says.

"Mary Shea [Bynes' court-appointed attorney] is a very capable public defender," she said, and helped Bynes make the case that she should be released.

"She will hire the top psychiatrist to show that Amanda is not so impaired to need to be in a secured facility. She will display her as merely eccentric."

She won the argument and is a free woman, but almost immediately after being let out, proved why she was placed under a 5150 hold in the first place.

All we can do is pray this doesn't end very, very badly.

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