Amanda Bynes' Parents Get Conservatorship, Accuse Actress of Spending Millions on Gifts for Strangers

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Yesterday, we learned that Amanda Bynes psychiatric hold was extended for by 30 days, with mental health professionals reserving the right to extend the hold even longer if need be.

That may now prove unnecessary, however, as Amanda's parents have reportedly been awarded a conservatorship, which gives them full legal control over the life and decisions of their 28-year-old daughter.

Amanda has now been in a psychiatric care facility against her will for nearly three weeks. She was conned into entering the facility by her parents, with the aid of former Britney Spears manager Sam Lufti.

Amanda Bynes Has a Doll Face

Sources say Bynes' parents have been receiving legal advice from Lufti, and the controversial figure may have helped them finally win the conservatorship they've been working toward for weeks.

Amanda's parents were able to convince the judge that their daughter presents a "substantial risk" to herself and others and cited, as an example, the astonishing fashion in which Bynes blows through money.

Court documents claim the actress has about $5.8 million in assets, but nearly half of it is tied up in property. Apparently Amanda's only income last year - about $144,000 - came from her rental properties.

Despite that, she's reportedly in the habit of buying wildly extravagant gifts - including Cartier jewelry - for strangers that she meets on the street. 

While Amanda may be unhappy with news that the conservatorship seems to be going forward, it's certainly better than some of the alternatives.

At one point, it looked as though Bynes might face one year of involuntary confinement.

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