Amanda Bynes' Bid to Upend Conservatorship Denied, But What Does That Change?

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Amanda Bynes has been shut down in her legal bid to torpedo her parents' conservatorship, which remains in place after her challenge was dismissed.

The problem is that the conservatorship as it stands is doing nothing.

After Amanda Bynes was released from psychiatric care in a shocking development Thursday, she said she was headed to court to nix the conservatorship.

The 28-year-old distrusts and hates her parents with a vengeance.

In an epic Twitter rant, the star accused her father - who she again claims is a sexual predator - and Sam Lutfi of conspiring to lock her up against her will.

She vowed to appear in Ventura County Court Friday to take down the conservatorship, which recently gave Bynes' parents control over her affairs.

Bynes didn't show. A lawyer claiming to represent her did, but a judge ruled that she could not hire him ... because of the conservatorship. The irony.

Under the conservatorship, she lacks the capacity to sign a binding contract, which includes hiring a lawyer to represent her. So no dice yesterday.

All of this begs the obvious question: How was she released!?!

Her involuntary psychiatric hold was recently extended by 30 days, but she somehow convinced a hearing officer at the facility that she was fine.

Believing Bynes was lucid and that the facility lacked legal standing to hold her - even though a judge had just granted it - the officer nixed the 30-day hold.

Amanda walked out the front door Thursday, and, well ...

Roaming the streets of Hollywood, talking to imaginary friends and clearly delusional, Bynes showed instantly why she needs to be in just such a facility.

It's sad, but true and baffling that she got out.

Her parents' conservatorship is empty if they can't control or influence her conduct; Amanda seems to have access to money, though it's unclear how.

Not unlike when she was committed to the psychiatric facility a few weeks ago, it again looks to be just a matter of time before she hurts herself or others.

It's just a question of when or how badly.

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