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It’s safe to say The 100 isn’t the most uplifting show on television.

In fact, there wasn’t one individual who wasn’t in danger of some kind… or being misled … or taking a life-threatening risk during The 100 Season 2 Episode 2.

It’s true, Jasper and Monty. We’re sorry to break this to you, but you aren’t really in paradise. It’s mere a matter of time before you discover the true cost of that delicious chocolate cake.

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Among the highlights this week was the return to Wells. His death was stunning and terrible, but Jaha used the vision of his late son to find the courage to save his own life.


Jaha’s arrival on the ground was a clear contrast to Abby and Kane’s landing.

Jaha dropped in to the desert in the middle of night and looked up to see the stars. His arrival was dark. His journey will be far more dangerous and different than any of the other Arkers who came before him. He’s alone and, we assume, he’s very far from the others.

Then there’s Kane. What an arrogant leader. What disdain-filled, condescending leader. He hasn’t learned anything at all from the happenings on the Ark, has he?

Ultimately, Finn, Bellamy and a small group left Camp Jaha, armed with Abby’s assistance. Will the price they pay for this disobedience be worth it?

Will they locate their friends? Or is it too late? Might it even be possibble for Bellamy, Clarke or Finn to oust Kane from power? And who out there would not love to see them try?

Finally, let’s give all the props to Raven, considering the ordeal she has been through. Namely, surgery without any pain medication.

Raven should be able to adjust well to any physical limitations and, as an engineer, she should be also able to remain useful, remaining busy and integral even if she can’t go out and fight.

What did everyone else think of this installment? You can watch The 100 online via TV Fanatic and you can sound off on the latest events right here and now!