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With Halloween upon us, Phil created "Awesomeland," Mitch went to court in costume and Jay tried to be Prince Charming on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 6.

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If you watch Modern Family online, or on TV, or On Demand, or on Netflix, or wherever, you know Claire gets very into the spirit of this special day.

What a disappointment, then, that she had to work.

Taking her place to make the scariest Halloween haunted house in the neighborhood was Phil, who had other ideas to shake things up a bit this year.

Instead of a haunted house? "Awesomeland."

As its name may imply, this destination consisted of all things happy. Places, characters, costumes, you name it. This is like Willy Wonka’s factory on ‘roids.


Not what you would expect, but give him points for originality.

Well, at least until Claire found out from the new neighbors that there is a scariest house contest, basically the culmination of her life long love of Halloween.

Phil’s awesome decor was scrubbed in favor of an "insane asylum from hell" with the kids, which didn’t go over well with neighbor Amber for one reason:

She was once in an actual asylum.

Claire took down her surprisingly offensive decorations and Phil put Awesomeland back up … only to realize Amber lied to them so that she could win the contest.

Trick or treat!

While this was going on, Lily dressed as Where’s Waldo, which meant Cam tried to overcompensate for spending so much time at football practice.

Thanks to Mitch, he realized he wasn’t doing as badly as a dad as he might have thought, even if he’s not that good at finding Waldo. Like at all. He’s terrible.

Meanwhile, Jay purchased a Prince Charming costume. Donning the wig, he realized he misses having hair, but luckily Gloria made him feel better about it.

What did you think of the episode?