Teresa Giudice Hires Stylists for Mug Shot; Joe Giudice Blames His Crimes on Alcoholism

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The Giudices sentencing has been delayed several times since they both pled guilty to fraud back in March.

But today the troubled couple finally had its day in court today, and as expected, both Joe and Teresa pulled out all the stops in hopes of avoiding prison.

Joe Giudice was sentenced to 41 months behind bars, as a last-minute plea to the judge fell on deaf ears.

Joe and his lawyer went with an age-old excuse for his bad behavior, claiming that Giudice suffers from a severe drinking problem.

"Joe does have a serious problem with alcohol," attorney Miles Feinstein told the court. "And being on the show didn't help. It's there. I've noticed it. When he comes into my office he smells like alcohol."

Feinstein requested that Giudice be sent to rehab in lieu of prison. Unfortunately for Joe the judge and prosecutor weren't having it.

Judge Esther Salas stated that Joe will indeed have access to addiction treatment - while he's doing his time behind bars.

Joe, of course, wasn't the only one engaging in 11th-hour shenanigans and generally making a mockery of the justice system.

Sources say Teresa Giudice seemed oblivious to the seriousness of her situation this morning. The Real Housewife was reportedly laughing and speaking optimistically about her future as a team of beauticians prepped her for court.

"Teresa has a hair stylist and makeup artist come to her house Thursday morning," says one insider. "Not even the threat of going to prison was going to stop her from looking good."

When the beauty treatment took longer than expected and threatened to make the Giudices late for court, Teresa's response was classic Teresa:

"Teresa retorted the judge couldn't start without her, and said she didn't want to take a bad mug shot picture if it ended up being required."

And Teresa wonders why she hasn't received much sympathy from the court thus far. News of her sentence has yet to be released, but we're guessing her hair extensions and fake eyelashes didn't help her case.

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