Farrah Abraham Films Christian Horror Movie, Tweets #Actor Selfie on Set

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Continuing to broaden her career horizons to a surprising and always entertaining degree, Farrah Abraham has been cast in Axeman 2: Overkill.

The '80s-style horror film has already started filming, as the Teen Mom star informed us from the set of the sure to be epic motion picture event:

Farrah Abraham #Acting

Farrah Abraham, clearly excited, Tweeted, "Wow first movie #OnTheSet #Memory2Remember LOVE THIS! #California what?! Lines Lines Lines #Actor"

It's unclear how Farrah's managed to take time off from her stripping gig in Austin and singing "Blowin'" live (you gotta hear that), but here she is.

If the backdoor beauty has proven anything though, it's that she can juggle jobs like James Deen juggles her ... yeah, you get the idea. Multitasker.

In Axeman 2, she plays the role of Fannie Rae Baker.

She calls this girl a "conservative evangelical do-gooder hiking through a place called Cutler’s Creek for a couple’s Christian camp where the film takes place."

Hey, Farrah has said one of her goals is to be a Christian movie actress, so this is the next best thing. Though it may not end well for her character.

According to the film's press release, Farrah/Fannie and her fellow Bible-thumpers look be doomed in the end, "when The Axeman shows up."

His goal? "To separate them … and dismember them."

Then again, you just never know. Sounds like the kind of gripping plot you'll bend over backwards to see play out when it hits theaters nationwide.

We kid. You'll only be able to see this if you watch movies online or On Demand, because we'd be surprised if it even got a theatrical release.

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