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Teresa and Joe Giudice celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary last week, and given all the couple has been through, one has to wonder if it’s their last.

“Celebrated our 15 yr Anniversary 10/23/99 With the Love of my Life,” Teresa wrote on a caption on a photo on her Instagram account of the two.

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, or read any celebrity news sites, you know the next year is going to be their toughest yet.

Then, if they survive that, the next few will be tougher still.

Teresa is headed to the Orange is the New Black prison January 5 to serve 15 months behind bars for her role in the duo’s failed mortgage fraud scheme.

The Danbury, Conn., facility has been made famous by the Netflix original series, based on a book by the same name. It’s about to get a very famous face.

Teresa’s attorneys asked U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas if she could serve most of her time at a halfway house, to work and visit home on weekends.

Request denied. Bunk prepared come January.

After Teresa Giudice’s 15-month sentence is up – it likely will be before the full 15 months are up, as long as she behaves and doesn’t flip any tables – Joe will do time.

His 41-month prison sentence for conspiring to commit mail and mortgage fraud will begin after she wraps hers up, so one of the two can be with their kids.

Those four beautiful girls are the victims here.

Because of Joe and Teresa Giudice’s selfish acts, they have to suffer through years of only seeing one parent, not to mention living under a microscope.

Here’s hoping the Giudices took some time on their anniversary to reflect on their past mistakes and the challenges they face if they want to see the next one.