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Viewers were introduced to Dr. James Covington on The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 3.

This shady physician rented out organs to rich clients who wanted to bypass the donor line… but if you ran out of money, he would repossess the organ and, you know, kill you.

Paging Lizzie and Ressler!

Watch The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 3 Online
Watch The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 3 Online

With Tom still heavily on her mind – and also in her dreams – Agent Keen was more on edge than ever. She even turned down Red’s Slurpee offer.

Of course, some of Liz’s stress centered on the team’s latest addition, Samar Navabi, who has come seemingly out of nowhere. So, as you might expect, she’s a part of Red’s plan.


Her ideally coiffed hair and long legs very much boost the FBI’s hotness quota, but we aren’t alone in questioning her intentions, are we?

As for Red? He was in the middle of attempting to take down Berlin again. However, his scheme hit a snag when one of his rival’s agents, Mr. Vargas (played by Paul Reubens!), convinced some of Red’s allies to align themselves with Berlin.

Or did he?!? Red is always one step ahead, remember, and we later learn that Mr. Vargas is actually working for him, helping Red out the disloyal links in his twisted web.

Back to Keen and Ressler: they try to thwart the organ transplant ring by intercepting the transporter, but he speeds away and died after colliding with a car.

Fortunately, the driver of the other vehicle has the name of Dr. Covington’s patient, B.B., who just happens to be former friends with Red. In typical Reddington fashion, he comes up a way to coax Dr. Covington’s number out of B.B. (thanks to the use of a particularly potent dose of Viagra, along with a faulty grease-soaked heart.)

In the end, Keen and Ressler come across Dr. Covington, but are surprised to see he’s a killer with a heart of gold, stealing from the rich to provide for medical help for the less fortunate.

And Keen even lets him complete a procedure before bringing him down, as she can’t make herself interrupt a little boy’s lung transplant.

Looks like someone is learning that there’s a whole lot of grey in the world, huh?

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