Squirrel Freaks Out Panda, Awakens Large Animal from Slumber

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Good news, dogs of the world:

You aren't the only animals to get freaked out by the unexpected presence of a squirrel.

In the following video, filmed at the Toronto Zoo, a panda named Er Shun is peacefully taking a name on a log pile in her enclosure (dreaming of some delicious bamboo, we presume) when she gets jolted awake by a quick-darting squirrel.

It makes its move and then immediately runs back away, confusing Er Shun for a few moments before the panda settles back in for more sleep. Watch now:

Squirrels, of course, can be as funny as they are scary.

Remember this footage of a squirrel being thwarted by Vasoline? Or this footage of a devastated squirrel dropping a nut way down to the ground?

We've then saved the best for last: This truly amazing, astounding, hysterical squirrel photobomb:

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