Squirrel Attempts to Raid Bird Feeder, Gets Thwarted by Vaseline

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We know they're good for driving dogs crazy.

But who would have guessed that squirrels were also good for so many laughs?

First, there was this epic squirrel photobomb. Then, there was that time a squirrel dropped his nut from a role and reacted in hilarious fashion.

And now we present a video in which Robert and Nacy Krampf come up with a solution to prevent a squirrel in their backyard from stealing grub out of their bird feeder: Vaseline!

Nancy placed (non-toxic) lip balm on the pole that leads to the feeder and it worked both perfectly and hilariously.

Watch now as this persistent squirrel gets thwarted in his effort to steal some food... again and again and again and again....

Give this creature an A for effort at least, right?

And this couple an A for their genius plan.

We may need to add this squirrel to our list of animals guaranteed to make everyone smile, huh?

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