Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 7 Recap: Eye, Eye, President

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Look, someone has to come out and say it:

Jax Teller is a terrible motorcycle club president.

This has been evident for awhile now, as he simply took the word of his mother (that she saw two Chinese men leave Jax's house on the night Tara was murdered) in order to start an all-out gang war.

And then it was especially evident on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 7, as Jax turned up the heat on August Marks by trying to use the murdered pastor against him in an extreme power play.

Except SAMCRO is comprised of like five people at this point. And Marks has an entire army working for him. And he also has the money and strength and experience of Pope Industries behind him. And Jax didn't really think this through at all.

And Bobby had his eye gorged out as a result.

This was typical Sons of Anarchy in every way: it was gross. It was shocking. It was emotional. And it was a bit contrived in order for us to arrive at this point.

After all... why couldn't SAMCRO simply tell Gemma why she was needed at the cabin? Why couldn't Jax just call her (as he said earlier he was going to) once he learned she was acting all scared? 

Why keep this such a secret?

There were some definite holes in logic to get us to Bobby driving up to the cabin by himself in order to make sure Gemma was okay. But darn Kurt Sutter if he still doesn't know how to tug at our heart strings even after manipulating a situation in such a manner.

Forget Jax's reaction to that damning video for a moment. Did you catch Chibs? Unable to control his tears? Powerful stuff.  How will SAMCRO seek revenge now?!?


  • Juice is isolated in prison and sharing a cell with one of Tully's men.
  • Gemma actually admitted to killing Tara, sobbing over how it was an "accident" to Thomas. But Abel overheard his grandmother's confession.
  • Nero wants out of the game. He offered to sell his half of Diosa to The Mayans so he can move to his uncle's farm. And he wants Gemma to go with him.

What did everyone else think of this Sons of Anarchy Season 7 installment? Have we seen the last of Bobby? Has Bobby seen the last of his ability to see?

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