Paul Rudd Helps Take Down Homophobe in Dallas Airport?!

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We may not get to see Paul Rudd as Ant Man until July of 2015, but if the latest Internet rumor is to be believed, the beloved funny man is already showing off his heroic side.

A video showing a young man shouting homophobic slurs and then physically assaulting another passenger in a Dallas airport has been making the rounds online since last week.

But it was only today that some eagle-eyed YouTubers noticed that one of guys who jumps in to subdue the a-hole looks an awful lot like Paul Rudd.

As to whether or not that's actually Rudd, well...there's been a good deal of debate.

It's impossible to tell from the blurry screen grabs if that's Rudd or just another handsome, bookish dude you'd happily take home to mom.

Paul Rudd Screen Shot

Several websites expressed their doubts, and Huffington Post even went so far as to contact a woman who had tweeted about seeing Rudd earlier in the day, to see if his outfit matched the one he was wearing in the video.

She replied that he was, in fact, wearing a blazer and plaid shirt, but since that's pretty much the standard Paul Rudd uniform, it doesn't really prove anything.

If it turns out to be Rudd, this could be the best unexpected heartthrob hero moment since Ryan Gosling broke up that fight in NYC. 

Your move, DiCaprio. You better hope some kittens fall into a well or something, ASAP.

UPDATE: Sadly, it's been confirmed that P-Rudd was not in Dallas the day of the incident. Sigh. Makes sense when you think about it. If it had been Rudd, he could've just blinded the dude with a spritz of Sex Panther.

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