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Sunday on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 5, the Snow Queen started going full-on Frozen on us and Emma’s connection to her was surprisingly revealed.

Watch Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 5 Online
Watch Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 5 Online

Storybrooke started to resemble one of those snow globes on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 5, as Elsa and Emma sought to find out more about her.

Hook, meanwhile, stepped out of the police station, only to get flirty with Emma and engaged in an awkward confrontation with Will that sent Hook on the run.

Also, Belle served as babysitter while Snow and Charming took an evening stroll, and Snow was quite worried about Neal, given her infant track record.

Emma and Elsa uncovered a photo of the Snow Queen and Emma together, something Emma didn’t remember at all and set out to get to the bottom of.

In 1998, we see a flashback to Minnesota and Emma trying to steal from the grocery store. A young girl named Lily came to her aid before she got caught.


Sydney took the photos, right under Regina’s nose. Emma went to see her about it, and started hearing Anna’s voice, which she chased but could not find.

While Elsa was waiting in the car, she started hearing Anna’s voice. She bolted from the car and followed the voice. Emma came back to find her gone.

Regina was using Sydney to find the Snow Queen and find a cure for Miriam. Emma chose to stay by her side, and then Elsa’s quest to find Anna featured ….

The ice staircase from Frozen. So much cross-promotional Disney greatness here it’s amazing how much the stock price is likely to go up this winter.

After discovering that Will has escaped the county jail, Snow found him digging by the water. Being Snow, she let him go. Was this such a good idea?

If you watch Once Upon a Time online, you know we learn a lot from flashbacks. In this case, we see Emma and Lily continue a loving and sweet friendship.

Lily’s father then came and found her. She was not a foster child as Emma believed, but merely a girl who ran away. At the same time, Elsa found Anna.

It was just a vision of her, though. The Snow Queen played her, locking up Elsa. Luckily, Emma and Regina fought off a snowman, but the Queen?

Alive and well for now. Sydney is worshipping her too, it looks like. Finally, Hook and Emma share a moment as they look through the old pictures.

In doing so, she found a video that she had made with Lily, and taped over that was a video of Emma with the Snow Queen herself in foster care.

Until next week’s Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 6