Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Elsa and the Snow Queen

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Sunday's Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 3 saw Elsa make a connection via flashbacks, but that was far from all that went on in this new installment.

In Storybrooke, Ronald, Robin and Marian are gifted a treat from Any Given Sundae that reacts magically when the mayor speaks. That's not normal.

Suspicions about newcomer Elsa naturally continue, while Gold's link to Elsa is also under the microscope, despite his denials of any prior anything.

Regina, meanwhile, is trying to learn who the storybook’s author is on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 3 and enlists Henry to help her with this.

Until she is confronted with Marian’s frozen state, which Elsa suggests may call for true love's kiss ... which doesn't work as she may have intended. Why?

Robin is actually in love with someone else.

Regina, even as she works to help her romantic rival any way that she can before she's completely frozen over, can't help but be overjoyed at this.

In the woods searching for the town's new adversary, Emma and David discover Will Scarlett, who only confirms their suspicions about the ice cream parlor.

Something is definitely up. But what?

Hook, meanwhile, is ordered by queen find out who else in town has ice magic, and when he and Elsa embark on that mission, they are met with surprise.

The Snow Queen appears.

"We have so much catching up to do," she tells Elsa, who claims not to have met her before, to which the Snow Queen has a pretty simply explanation.

Her memories have been erased, Anna trapped her in the urn, and she’s been trying to teach Elsa a lesson to show that regular folks will never accept her.

She's ready to impale Hook too, because why not, until Emma shows up and saves the day. Later, Rumple and Snow Queen seem to form an alliance.

What's do come of that? We'll find out as we watch Once Upon a Time online this season, but their relations may be icier (sorry) than they think now.

Queen Elsa later learns that Hans is planning to attack Arendelle, and she ends up being captured by him after being unable to reach the urn in time.

However, the Snow Queen appears once more, freezing Hans and revealing that she is in fact the aunt of Elsa and Anna, a sibling that Idun kept a secret.

The beautiful Snow Queen then tells Elsa that they are in this together and they will join forces to locate her sister, and we fade to black for another week.

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