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Actress Misty Upham has been reported missing in Washington State and her family is reportedly fearing the worst regarding the August: Osage County star.

The actress, 32, was last seen walking by herself from an apartment Sunday near Auburn, Wash., where her dad says she told him she was going to see friends.

That was six days ago.

The acclaimed Native American actress played housekeeper in August: Osage County and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for 2008’s Frozen River.

She had been working recently, including filming a role alongside Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming movie Cake, but no one knows where she is right now.

"Our officers responded to her apartment where she lives with her parents on Sunday for a suicidal call," Commander Steve Stocker said late Friday.

"When our officers got there, she had already packed up some belongings and left the apartment, so the officers were not able to contact or find her."


The following day, Upham’s father, Charles, tried to get her listed officially as a missing person, though she is not technically "missing and endangered."

According to Washington state law, the person’s missing occurrence has to be "unexplainable, involuntary or suspicious," according to local police.

As authorities see it, "she took some things with her, she has a bus pass and access to some money, and [the case] has been assigned to a detective."

They aren’t, however, "putting additional resources [to look for her]."

This isn’t the first time police have responded with concern to a situation involving Misty Upham. In fact, there have been four suicide calls in recent years.

"She hasn’t been in contact with her family or friends since her disappearance," Charles Upham said, adding that Misty has an unspecified "medical condition."

"She had recently changed her medication, so she was sort of having erratic behavior. She told me and her mom that we didn’t have to worry about her anymore."

"I thought it sounded suicidal myself, so I called the police. She’s always been a suicidal person. She used to make [suicide] threats, but she never went through with it."

"I think that she is either in a place where she can’t get help … maybe she fell down and broke her leg and something, or she got in with the wrong crowd."

"I don’t think she would have taken her own life," the concerned father added, even if forced to consider the possibility. "I don’t want to think she is dead."

Here’s wishing for her safe and swift return.