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Compared to the recent photos and controversy over Kylie Jenner’s lips, which are officially out of control, this latest Instagram offering from the teen is tame.

Compared to what most 17-year-olds can get away with posting, though?

Wow. Just wow.

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott W Magazine Cover

Where to even begin? The short skirt? Those bondage-y shoes? That pouty, ever-changing face suggesting she is anything but bored by the rumors about her?

We could begin with any of those things. But then there’s her caption:

“promise to love you & obey & let you…”

Let us what, Kylie?!


We can’t even begin to speculate, at least not in any way we can spell out for you here, but “promise to love you & obey & let you” does not scream innocence.

While Kendall Jenner was the first to raise eyebrow with provocative Instagram images, Kylie is following in her bondage-y heeled footsteps lately.

She doesn’t turn 18 for another nine months, too. It’s uncomfortable.

Just the way she likes it, no doubt. She’s a savvy one, this girl.

If Kris Jenner were a normal mom, she would take Kylie’s phone away and try to offer at least token objection to her youngest child blatantly sexualizing herself.

Since she won’t, Kim kardashian’s little sister has run amok, and is running away with the title of Most Talked About Underage Instagram Celebrity as a result.

We blame the parents.