17 Bruce Jenner Transformation Photos: Plastic Surgery? Sex Change? WTF?!

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It's difficult to believe these days, but at one point, Bruce Jenner was a beloved athlete and cultural figure. Women wanted him, men wanted to be him and he even had his face on the Wheaties box!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

These days the reality TV laughingstock has hit the point where even Bruce Jenner sex change rumors are par for the course and wouldn't even be shocking.

Okay, that would still be shocking. But at the same time it would also just be the latest in a long line of elective "enhancements" the former Olympian has had.

Guess this is just what happens after that much time with the Kardashians.

Bruce and wife Kris may be on the outs these days, but the world's most devious momager sunk her claws deep into the athlete and the damage has clearly been done.

The change in Bruce Jenner's appearance over the years, as documented above and elsehwere, has sparked rumors and led to plenty of wild speculation.

Is Bruce the victim of plastic surgery gone wrong? Did he attempt some strange hormone replacement therapy? Or, is he just aging in a really strange way?

Check out our gallery to watch Bruce's slow transformation from manliest of men to strange, androgynous husk, and try to forget that this guy was once a record-breaking decathlete.

It's just too sad to contemplate.

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