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Kanye West purchased some champagne for a few single ladies on Saturday night.

But Kim Kardashian need not get jealous.

The rapper as dining at a restaurant in New Orleans over the weekend at the same time as Siobhan DePietro, who was celebrating her impending wedding with friends, bachelorette party style.

According to one member of the group, they noticed Kanye eating across the day and tried to send a bottle of wine to his table. But he countered their offer with one of his own.

Ye and Kim Kardashian
(Getty Images)

“The waiter brought it over and said the champagne was compliments of Mr. West and his party,” Jess Kingsbery told E! News. “It was so crazy, we could not get over it.”


West also posed for a couple of pictures with the party (even smiling on occasion!) and told the group that “married life is great.”

“It was such a fun surprise,” Kingsbery concluded to E! News. “He was very, very nice. It was the best night of our lives.”

Along similar lines, Bill Murray shocked a bachelor party in May as well, happening upon it during a night out and offering up key pieces of life advice to all in attendance.

This will likely be the last time we ever compare Bill Murray to Kanye West.