Wendy Williams to Jennifer Lawrence: Shut UP About Being Naked!

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As as a human who lives on planet Earth, you've probably heard that nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked online a few weeks ago. 

Earlier this week, Lawrence spoke to Vanity Fair about the hacking scandal, revealing for the first time the emotional trauma that she suffered in the wake of the incident.

Most readers sympathized with Jen's plight, but the always outspoken Wendy Williams has apparently taken issue with what she perceives to be Lawrence's plea for sympathy:

"Don't sweat this, young lady," Williams said on her talk show today. "You're the one who took the pictures."

"In my opinion, if she would just stop talking about the Cloud and the naked pictures, it would all go away!"

Williams went on to imply that Lawrence is intentionally keeping the news in the headlines in order to boost her career.

Because obviously the most in-demand actress in Hollywood needs the help of a sleazy scandal to get work.

Wendy went on to talk about the relationship between Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult and the role that it played in the scandal:

"She took the pictures because she had a 4-year long distance relationship with her boyfriend," Williams said.

"'Either he can look at my naked pictures or he can look at porn,' she said. Ya' know what, men will look at both. If you ask any hot-blooded male, he's gonna look at both."

Okay, Wendy may have a point there. Expecting a dude in his early 20s to get by on still pics in 2014 is a bit naive.

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