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Jay Z goes by many names: Hov, Jigga, Mr. Knowles (Just kidding, Jay!) but one thing you should never say when encountering Sean Carter in public is, "Who dat?"

That’s the lesson learned by a random French dude who dared wonder aloud about the Jigga Man’s identity.

Jay Z to French Guy: Who Are YOU?

Yes, now that their On the Run tour has wrapped, the Carters are enjoying some downtime the same way as any normal family: traveling the globe and taking their 2-year-old to the world’s most famous museums.

Unfortunately, going abroad means occasionally crossing paths with someone who doesn’t recognize one of the world’s most famous couples. It’s good to know Jay has a hilarious response prepped for just such an occasion:


"Who are you?" says French Guy. 

"Who are you?" Jay responds without missing a beat. 

You’re crazy for that one! Hov! As funny as that reply is, the best part of this clip is that the guy responds in earnest as though Jay really wants to get to know him, and as far as we can tell, his name is Meatball. 

Okay, it’s probably not really Meatball, but that’s what it sounds like he says and it’s awesome.

So Beyonce can post makeup-free photos to Instagram and set the Internet on fire all she wants. We’ll take Jay beefing with Meatball any day.