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Spoiler alert: Jason Momoa didn’t last very long on Game of Thrones, but like Sean Bean – who lost his head as the righteous Ned Stark – the previously unknown actor created one of the series’ most memorable and iconic characters, despite not even surviving season one.

Yes, Khal Drogo’s run was short but sweet, and it’s not hard to see why Momoa desperately wanted the part.

Despite being brought down by an infected boo-boo, Drogo was arguably the ultimate badass on a show littered with badasses. Plus, he got to see Emilia Clarke naked on multiple occasions.

Not a bad gig. Perhaps that explains why Momoa went full-Dothraki psycho while he was auditioning:

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Hmm … too understated. Can you try that again with some feeling?!


That’s Momoa busting out the Haka – a traditional war dance for the Maori people of New Zealand that’s still utilized by the nation’s sports teams for pre-game intimidation. 

So that might be what it would sound like if you were about to go head-to-head with a Dothraki rugby team. Pro tip: don’t go head-to-head with a Dothraki rugby team.

Sadly, it looks as though Momoa has hung up his arakh for good, but with news that season five of GoT will feature several flashbacks, there remains an outside chance we may see him once more.

After all, if Ned Stark can return to Game of Thrones (as Bean says he might), then there’s no telling what other long-dead friends and foes may pop up in season five.

As always, you can watch Game of Thrones online to relive a simpler time when the Starks were in Winterfell, the Khal was banging the Khaleesi and all was (relatively) right with the world.