Face Off Season 7 Episode 10 Recap: Who is the Ultimate Teacher's Pet?

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Last night on Face Off Season 7 Episode 10, the artists were tasked with creating fun mythical fantasy characters based on classic high school stereotypes.

Those characters being ...

  • Cheerleader faun (Rachael)
  • Nerd minotaur (Cig)
  • Nerd goblin (Dina)
  • Emo minotaur (Stella)
  • Cheerleader cyclops (Sasha)
  • Faun emo (Drew)
  • Jock goblin (George)

This show rules.

Face Off Season 7 Episode 10 also showed us everyone’s high school pictures as a result of this task, making it an automatic winner from the start.

When it comes time for the reveals, however, some of the characters are more popular than others. Sasha’s cyclops looks more alien than mytholigical.

George’s goblin ... is not very gobliny. Rachael’s cheerleader faun only resembles the first half of that occasion. So who came out on top, and on the bottom?

Drew won the Top Look for this week, beating out Cig.

George and Rachel, meanwhile, brought up the rear.

Rachael has been eliminated from Face Off.

What did you think of the challenge, and the results? Just follow the link to watch Face Off online and share your comments on it with us below!

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