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Ellen DeGeneres married George Clooney.

Lara Spencer rode around in a stroller.

And Lester Holt sang some blues with Al Roker on stage.

Indeed, Halloween 2014 got off to a creative and hilarious start this morning, as numerous talk show hosts around the country kicked off the holiday by dressing as everyone from Amal Alamuddin to Prince George.

Which crew got decked out as characters from Orange is the New Black? Who donned some serious mom jeans? How did The Today Show pay tribute to Saturday Night Live?


And how totally awesome is Ellen DeGeneres?!?

All good questions. All of which will be answered when you toggle through the above photo gallery and get a look at some of the celebrity costumes already on display this year.

Which is your favorite? Decide now and remember: be safe tonight. Be smart. And have fun!!!!!!!!!!!