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Amber started feeling a new crush and young Max received advice from Adam on how to talk to a girl at his school on last night’s Parenthood Season 6 Episode 5.

How did those developments, and the many others Thursday, play out?

Watch Parenthood Season 6 Episode 5 Online
Watch Parenthood Season 6 Episode 5 Online

In typical fashion, it was a genuine mix of uplifting and poignant tales.

Max’s crush on Dylan, one of the core stories this week, is just the latest part of a story that has played out as long as you watch Parenthood online.

How do parents reconcile their own dreams, and heartbreak, as they help raise and thus give so much of their own lives to those of their children?

Kristina and Adam’s responses to Max’s affection for Dylan is a prime example of this. He’s all for it, she’s much more reserved. Both are clearly moved.

In the end, the parents meet in the middle, urging Max to focus on his best self in a story that simultaneously manages to make you smile and almost cry.


Perhaps they should help out Crosby with this same approach.

The youngest of Zeek’s four kids is off the rails to the point where Jasmine physically locks up motorcycle so he can’t drive it around aimlessly.

Crosby is a total mess, yet the reasons why are not entirely clear.

Perhaps that realization was ironically made clear this week, as no one can quite figure this guy out. Often, this is the case in real life, but on TV?

Only on Parenthood would they attempt some of these things.

Now that Amber has decided to keep the baby, she’s going through a pretty serious transition as well, and it’s going to change the way she does everything.

Case in point? She likes a guy and doesn’t know whether or not to tell him she’s pregnant right away. Once again, Drew was the star of this storyline.

Encouraging her to be up front, then being there for her when it didn’t go well, Drew’s bond with Amber – strengthened by her pregnancy – is wonderful to watch.

Other relationships aren’t thriving as much as crumbling.

As Julia is dating Chris, she wonders how (if at all) she should integrate him into her kids’ lives, and when it does happen by happenstance, Joel is there.

Once again in typical Parenthood fashion, we have a situation where it’s impossible to truly hate, or unabashedly side with, Team Joel or Team Julia.

Isn’t that remarkably realistic in a sense?

So many things in life are not black and white. Parenthood is one of the few shows willing to give its stories the time and depth to venture into that gray area.