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He may have officially hung up his cleats, but The Captain is still on a roll these days.

Not only did Derek Jeter hit a game-winning single in his final at bat at Yankee Stadium, thus bidding farewell to the hometown crowd in the coolest fashion possible (Okay, he could’ve hit a homer, but Jeets ain’t a slugger!), now he’s positively killin’ it in retirement.

Not only Jeter he “curator of all things cool” for a new sports-lifestyle site called The Players’ Tribune, but there are rumors that he’s finally planning to settle down with his insanely hot girlfriend of two years, Hannah Davis.

Hannah and Derek
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We first heard rumors that Jeter and Davis were engaged last year, but nothing was ever confirmed.

And of course it’s not the first time that we’ve heard wedding bell rumors about Cap. He was reportedly engaged to Minka Kelly shortly before he and the actress broke up.

This time, however, there’s reason to believe that Jeter might actually walk down the aisle…and not stop short. (We’ll show ourselves out.)


Jeets and his lady have rented out the famous Oheka Castle on Long Island’s Gold Coast (home to some of the world’s most expensive real estate).

The place served as the title character’s home in the 1941 film classic Citizen Kane. Needless to say, “swanky” doesn’t even begin to describe this place.

Several high-end vendors have been recruited from all over the world to cater something that’s only been described as “Derek Jeter event.”

Yeah, it could just be a retirement party, but TMZ claims to have sources who swear it’s a wedding.

Hey, if George Clooney settled down, anything can happen. Yeah, Jeets!