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Someone need to lock Vitalii Sediuk up for a very long time.

This total loser, who attacked Kim Kardashian twice in the past few days during Paris Fashion Week, went after Ciara yesterday, according to the following video report.

Sediuk crashed a red carpet appearance by the artist in France, wearing nothing but a colorful thong before being pulled away by security members on hand.

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Yes, Vitalii Sediuk is the same guy who got punched by Brad Pitt after accosting that star at a film premiere, slapped by Will Smith for trying to kiss that A-Lister and yelled at by America Ferrera for trying to look under her dress.


The police in Paris have said they have no plans to punish Sediuk because they don’t see his actions as a big deal.

But he continues to harass and nearly assault celebrities. It’s still a crime, even if the victims are famous, isn’t it?

We mean… come on! Look what he did to poor America Ferrera!