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We’ve all heard the jokes about French people being rude to American tourists but the treatment Kim Kardashian ‘s been receiving in Paris this week makes a cold shoulder look like a kiss on the cheek.

First, Kim was tackled by Ukrainian “comedian” Vitalii Sediuk. (His shtick consists entirely of assaulting celebrities. Gold, Jerry!)

The very next day, Kim and Kanye were booed after arriving late to the Lanvin runway show, forcing the struts to be postponed by several minutes.

You’d think that would be the end of the awkward encounters, but this is Paris and Kimye were talking about, so the blatant rudeness just keeps on coming.

TMZ reports that Sediuk (who’s somehow not in jail after assaulting a women in front of hundreds of witnesses) attempted to seize a second opportunity to tackle Kim last night but was shut down by Mrs, West’s beefed up offensive line security detail.

As we reported last week, Paris police don’t care about Kim or anything that happens to her, which makes us wish they were in charge of programming for the E! network.

Comic genius Sediuk – aka the Ukrainian Dane Cook – is still at large, as police say they’re unable to arrest him because his attack was thwarted.

So, attempted assault isn’t a crime in France? Or does that rule only apply in case of Kardashian?