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Following an episode that delved into the world of Internet celebrity (yet, mercifully, did NOT feature Kim Kardashian as a guest star), Castle will take a week off next Monday.

But it’s for the best, fans.

You’ll need that time to prepare yourselves for the Caskett wedding! Oh, yes, it’s finally (almost) here!

Castle Season 7 Episode 6 Promo

As teased in the above promo, Castle Season 7 Episode 6 (titled "Time of Our Lives") will delve into some kind of alternate reality situation in which our favorite detective never met our favorite author.

And it will also feature the wedding many have been waiting years to see.


Then, on November 17, viewers will witness Kate and Rick’s honeymoon, which will apparently take place at a dude ranch. And which we’re willing to wager will involve some kind of unexpected investigation.

Check out the teaser to prepare for the Wedding of the Century November Sweeps and go watch Castle online via the following video if you missed out on the most recent installment.

It was an enjoyable hour of television…

Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 5 Online
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 5 Online