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For years now, rumors of a Bruce Jenner sex change have been floating around the Internet. 

Those closest to the Olympic gold medalist have denied reports that he’s transitioning into presenting as a woman, but ever since Kris Jenner filed for divorce, Bruce has been appearing in public looking more feminine than ever.

Now, a source close to Bruce tells Radar Online that Jenner is going ahead with the process of transitioning regardless of what the public thinks, as he’s wanted to look and feel more feminine for over 20 years.

“When I met Bruce I thought he was a girl,” says the longtime friend. “He acts like a girl, walks like a girl. He’s a girl.” 

“I think he was getting ready for a change of sex. Meaning, he likes boys better than girls.”

The source adds that Jenner cryptically referred to himself as “finally free” at an event hosted by the Kardashian and Jenner families several months ago.

The anonymous friend now believes that it was the start of the transitioning process that left Bruce feeling so “free.”

The last time he spoke about it in an interview, Bruce called the sex change talk “absurd,” but several sources have indicated that he’s more open about his gender identity now that his marriage is soon to be over.

Some have even stated that they believe Bruce will go public with his transition within the next few months.